Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Moth traps from catchmaster

Catchmaster Moth traps are great . They use a powerful and natural sex attractants to lure certain moths to their doom. The moth trap attracts and captures adult flour moths (Indian meal moth, Mediterranean flour moth) by using the same chemical pheromone that female moths use to attract male moths for mating! Male moths are attracted by the scent and stick on the glue surface. Removing male moths stops mating and egg laying, which in turn terminates the cycle of the moth. Catchmaster food and pantry moths traps come in two traps in a package and are very easy to use, just take them out of the catchmaster package fold them and place them strategical to get rid of your moth problem.. use catchmaster products for all your pest needs

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Humane concerns – removing mouse from a glue trap.

Unlike many glue traps, Catchmaster ‘s glue formula has no oil – that makes the glue so strong. If you wish to remove rodent from the glue trap, simply pour (spray) some vegetable oil on the glue and the mouse should get off easily and painlessly. Instead of vegetable oil, you can also use baby oil or any oil lubricant.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Catchmaster glue boards model numbers – 1872, 60M, 72MB

Catchmaster has different model numbers for virtually the same kind of trap. The only difference between model # 18-72 and 60M is … packing. 18-72’s are packed in envelopes with 4 traps each, while 60M is a bulk pack of 60 traps in a box. Difference in packing is for buyers convenience only. For home use it is better to get envelopes. It is easier to store them and the glue on the trap is not exposed to drying or dust. 60M’s are just slightly cheaper, and are for buyers who constantly use them (like in warehouses, stores, barns). Both 18-72 and 60M are 8” x 5.5” , while 72MB is 8” x 4”. As far as the last trap go, it is just a bit narrower than previous traps. Besides the size, trap is exactly like previous model, however it is available only for licensed exterminators. Different model numbers really are just a way to differentiate between customers. I have not found any other difference between them – glue strength, scent are exactly the same.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Something for a change ! Mouse Trap game

How far can YOU fire a rat across a pub? Now's your chance to find out in Rat Shot, the smash-hit web game.